ACOA on TV - Shameless

3 Characteristics of Adult Children of an Alcoholic (ACOA) from Fiona on Shameless

NYC Therapist Heather: “There is nothing normal about growing up in an alcoholic household.  Sometimes we were expected to do things that are far beyond what children should be expected to do.  So ACOAs often had to grow up way too quickly and become ‘adult-like’ long before their parents who often act like children or they can be “child-like” well into adulthood.”


Conquering Loneliness an Almost Foolproof Method

Article by Natalie Baker, published in Elephant Journal: “Why don’t other people struggle with loneliness the way I struggle with it? Everyone else is happy and knows how to do this, but I don’t.” Inevitably, regardless of the stated reason for coming to therapy, my clients will make this statement with certainty. The grass is greener over there and filled with feelings of acceptance and companionship and love. And over here, clearly there’s something wrong with me.