Neurofeedback Training for Personal Growth and Peak Performance.

Neurofeedback training (also Neurofeedback Therapy) is meditation for the automatic functioning brain!  The process alerts the brain whenever it is about to change states, triggering the brain to come into the present and see what it’s doing.  Like in meditation when we wake up from the daydream and realize where we are and what we are doing intentionally (meditating) and habitually (daydreaming), so too, the brain “wakes up” and sees its habitual functions.

Over time, the brain learns to use the present moment to decide what to do next, not habitual patterns.

At our NYC office one can use neurofeedback as a stand-alone training or in conjunction with contemplative psychotherapy. All our therapists are also certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainers. Learn more.

Why Neurofeedback is Effective

Our Habituated Brain

The Buddhist teachings describe how our suffering as humans comes about, in part, due to our habitual patterns.  When our actions are reinforced over and over again it increases the tendency that we will react similarly, and automatically, next time.  We all know if we let the irritation, for example from an annoying driver cutting us of, “get to us” that it’s more likely to arise again and create a pattern of behavior.  This is how we created “negative karma.”

As the field of research into the workings of the brain grows, we have come to understand that the brain becomes habituated to its response patterns.  A simple example to illustrate the point is when, as a child, we are bit by a dog, our brain perceives that dog as a threat and the part of our brain in charge of responding to danger with the “fight/flight/freeze” response goes into action.  We either freeze or run away, as our instinctual response to a threat.  Years later we see a dog that is similar and our body goes into the same fight/flight response.  And the response is automatic.

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Reviews – What our Clients Say

This is from a man after 6 sessions:

“The effects lie beyond conscious control, yet within the field of perceptible awareness.  I walk out synchronized and in step, every time.  I look forward to my sessions because I know I’m going to have a good night’s sleep when I get home.  This type of brain training is a must for any healer or meditator to try.”

Neurofeedback Cost

Price per neurofeedback sessions range from $125 and up. We also provide discounted neurofeedback sessions on Saturdays. Contact us here.

As a more cost-effective alternative, the neurofeedback system can also be rented for home use. Go to our other website, specifically for neurofeedback training to learn more about the cost of our rental packages and how it works.

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