NYC Therapy Location:

32 Union Square East, Suite 1017

New York, NY 10003

(Close to Union Square on Manhattan)

Contact us today to set up your first therapy appointment. In addition to talk therapy we also provide life and relationship coaching, group therapy, neurofeedback therapy and ADHD/ADD help for kids and ACoA Support.

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One of our therapists will get back to you as soon as possible to set up your appointment. If you have any specific questions or concerns please let us know. Thank you!

Find Therapists in New York

If looking for a therapist in NYC, all our therapists are licensed therapists and have years of experience. They are all also certified neurofeedback trainers and can provide neurofeedback therapy sessions as well.

Natalie: (347) 860-4778

Heather:  (347) 708-6177

Alison: (929) 352 3504

We also provide NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Machines for home and professional use as well as neurofeedback therapy sessions. For more information go to

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