Listen to recent podcasts Natalie Baker gave in NYC on such topics as:  Buddhist psychology, meditation and mindfulness in daily life, mindful parenting and our relationships.

If I Don’t Have a Self Who Am “I”

Natalie Baker discusses the Buddhist concepts of ego and egolessness. If there is no “ego”, no “self”, no “me”, then who am I?

What’s Constant in Life?

The Buddha taught that there are three qualities of life that we can’t escape: impermanence, feeling unsatisfied, and selflessness. We typically know these qualities as the experience of surprise when things change, constantly wanting life to be different than it is, and not knowing who we are. What if these qualities were actually the stepping stones to appreciating life?

We Can Clean Up Our Messes

In the midst of great turmoil, the Buddhist teachings encourage us that all is not lost. Our fundamental nature is not problematic. We can clean up our messes.

Are We Addicted to Our Smart Phones?

We’re addicted to our phones. Can mindfulness help? Natalie Baker discusses why we relate to our phones as a lifeline, and how meditation can help us keep things in perspective. 

Bringing Mindfulness and Compassion Into Our Conversations

Natalie Baker draws from the new book, “The Lost Art of Good Conversation” by Sakyong Mipham Riponche, as a basis for exploring how to communicate mindfully and how to avoid the pitfalls of communicating from negative emotions.

Making Friends With Loss

We all experience loss: a cherished possession; the end of a relationship; the death of a loved one… How does the path of meditation help us make friends with loss?

Getting Off The Emotional Rollercoaster

We spend so much time trying to avoid feeling bad. Sometimes even feeling good is difficult to accept. How do we get off this emotional roller coaster?

Mind Training: For When Bad Things Happen To Good People

When bad things happen it’s tempting to think we, or the world, are unworkable. Natalie Baker discusses some traditional Buddhist teachings about engaging with negative events as they arise.

How Fearlessness and Gentleness Armour Us In Today’s World

We all experience fear. How does the gentleness cultivated in meditation practice help us work with this experience? Is true fearlessness possible? 


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