Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Life Transition Issues, Relationship Issues, Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, Addiction, ACOAs and COAs (adult children of alcoholics & children of alcoholics), Insomnia, Brain Injuries, Sexual Abuse, Spiritual Impasses, Parenting, Meditation/Relaxation, Emotional Communication and Intimacy.

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Each of us is fundamentally sane but confused habits of thinking, feeling and behaving make it difficult, at times, to access our sanity. This is the basic view of Buddhism and the view we hold in working with our clients. Learn more


The benefits of meditation is that it trains us to bring our awareness back to what’s happening right now. The past doesn’t exist and the future has yet to occur. All we have is now, so why not live in the present rather than lost in the world of thought, worry and day dreams? We can give ourselves this instruction: just live in the present, but find it hard to do. Our minds fixate on what worries us, what pains us, and in the awareness of such difficulty our spiritual journey begins. Learn more about mindfulness techniques and how to begin meditating


One can use the neurofeedback training (biofeedback EEG) as a stand-alone training or in conjunction with contemplative psychotherapy. Neurofeedback therapy is meditation for the automatic functioning brain! The process alerts the brain whenever it is about to change states, triggering the brain to come into the present and see what it’s doing. Learn more about this brain training method or visit our website to learn how it works.


Group is a practical tool using here-and-now experience as the reference point. Our habitual emotional patterns and communications styles become apparent and we practice using new ways of communicating to foster and develop intimacy. Learn more

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