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“I have been a practicing psychotherapist in NYC for the past 11 years.  I have studied within the Shambhala tradition of Buddhism since 2009, as well as being an active member of the Interdependence Project of New York City. In 2010, I completed a meditation facilitator training and became a meditation instructor. I have worked for the past six years with Natalie Baker as my meditation instructor and mentor in Buddhism and Western psychological techniques.

 I work with all people from all backgrounds, but have a specialty in working with Adult Children (of Alcoholics, Narcissists, etc) and those with Addictive Behaviors. 

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I approach clients from a space of “basic sanity”, the innate wisdom each human being has been born with. By using traditional interventions from Western psychology and the ground of Buddhist philosophy, I facilitate a connection with my client’s basic goodness, natural wakefulness and health with the understanding that we are all capable of healing ourselves. Often times, we come to therapy when we are feeling confused, disconnected, fearful, and depressed; our ways of thinking, feeling and acting keep us stuck and unhappy. This is the basis of Buddhist thought: that our habitual psychological patterns cloud our basic goodness, leading to suffering. With this knowledge, we can work with mindfulness and awareness techniques to clearly recognize habitual patterns and their origin, while also reconnecting with one’s inherent wisdom, easefulness, compassion, and confidence, bringing this into our lives.

In our work together, we will use techniques from meditation, body awareness practices, neurofeedback, cognitive-behavioral psychology and solution-focused therapy, while continuously using your present moment experience as information for healing and growth. I have a respectful curiosity and compassion for all of my clients and will encourage you to approach yourself, your story, and mind in the same way.”

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Therapy via Skype also available. Each session is 50 min. Call for pricing.

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ACoA, Addiction, Anxiety or Fears, Depression, Relationship Issues

Counseling Services

Individual Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling, Neurofeedback Training (EEG biofeedback), Life Coaching, Group Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Premarital Counseling

ALSO OFFERING: Life Coaching with Neurofeedback Training – Work on all parts of the brain at once! Learn more about neurofeedback >

Coaching and talking works with the Conscious Brain—pre-frontal cortex- Discuss and make steps to improve upon planning, problem solving, decision making. Explore options and create concrete plans for life transitions, career, relationships, personal growth and development.

Neurofeedback works with the unconscious/habitual Brain—limbic brain/responsible for impulsive fight/flight response—Potential to change our relationship to stressful situations by responding not reacting, discover clarity on what are actual threats vs. perceived threats, access more spontaneous and playful parts of yourself. Clients train for a variety of issues including peak performance, alleviation of symptoms, emotional issues, learning problems and spiritual growth. Learn more about neurofeedback here.



Addiction, Divorce, Loss or Grief, Peer Relationships, Sexual Abuse, Trauma and PTSD, Coping Skills, Life Coaching, Parenting, Self Esteem, Spirituality


Mental Health:

Mood Disorders


Sexuality Gender:

Bisexual Issues, Lesbian Issues, Gay Issues, Transsexual Issue



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