Jean Kristellar PhD: Food and Addiction: Treating through Mindfulness Awareness (video).

Johann Hari TED Talk: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.

The Washington Post: Therapists Are Using Neurofeedback To Treat ADHD, PTSD And Other Conditions

Neurofeedback Training For Opiate Addiction: Improvement Of Mental Health And Craving. Neurofeedback is a therapeutic method designed to train the mind and body to act in a more optimal way in order to improve emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral experiences. Read more

What Is Neurofeedback?  Addictions And Substance Abuse.


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4 Important Steps in Living With Addiction

Addiction recovery care is hard. Regardless of drug: alcoholism, porn or food addiction, a holistic approach is the most effective approach to addiction treatment. NYC Therapist Heather Coleman, LCSW, specializes in alcohol counseling, and working with AA and ACoA clients. Here she has compiled 4 Lifestyle Changes For The Addict.

Addiction Recovery: 2 Drug-free Ways to Decrease Anxiety In Addiction

How Does Mindfulness Meditation Help With Anxiety? When in recovery from addiction and looking for drug-free ways to bring more relaxation and calm in your life, setting up a regular meditation practice can be an effective tool for your wellbeing and working with emotions around addiction.

Loneliness & Addiction Recovery: Why Social Connection is One of the Most Important Healing Forces

Heather Coleman, addiction and ACoA therapist in NYC, speaks about how social connection can help in addiction recovery. Coleman discusses how 12 step programs are a great way to combat loneliness and isolation on the path to recovery, as well as supports such as therapy, neurofeedback & meditation

Neurofeedback Therapy Combined

Looking for alcohol addiction counseling? Talk therapy or neurofeedback training in NYC? Therapy and Neurofeedback Training Sessions can also be combined! 

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